School Staff

We have a very dedicated and experienced team of staff here at Poulton Lancelyn.
Mrs Arnold                Headteacher
Mr Milne                    Deputy Headteacher, Year 5/6 Phase Leader 
Miss Haworth            Assistant Head, F2 leader, SENCO
Mrs Parkinson          Year 1/2 Phase Leader  
Mrs Swift                   Year 3/4 Phase Leader
Foundation 2 teaching staff
Miss Haworth 
Miss Hankinson
Mrs Austin
Year 1 teaching staff
Miss Dixon
Miss Gray
Year 2 teaching staff
Mrs Parkinson
Mrs Reese
Mrs Long
Year 3 teaching staff
Miss Marsden
Mr Smith
Year 4 teaching staff
Mrs Swift
Mrs Higgins-Carter
Year 5 teaching staff
Mrs Dingle
Mr Arnold
Miss Clifford
Year 6 teaching staff
Miss Farlam
Mr Milne
Mrs Gawne
PPA teaching staff
Mrs Hamilton
Mr Johnson
Mrs Mainwaring
Teaching Assistants
Mrs  Coull         HLTA
Mrs O'Kane      HLTA
Mrs  Simms
Mrs  Dobson
Mrs  Dutton
Mrs  Bridge
Mrs  Barlow
Mrs Usher
Miss Billington (maternity leave)
Miss Bell
Miss Morris
Mrs Donegan
 Administration Staff
Mrs Gould            Business Manager
Mrs Hughes
Mrs Bardolia
Mrs Fisher
Mrs McArdle
Cleaning and Caretaking  Staff
Mr Brew                Caretaker
Ms Hall
Mrs Roberts
Mr Rea
Mrs Taylor
Midday Assistants 
Mrs Stockford
Mrs Comer
Mrs Laithwaite
Mrs Smith
Mrs Platt
Mrs Santos 
Mrs Gay
Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Beach
Miss Mitchell