School Staff

We have a very dedicated and experienced team of staff here at Poulton Lancelyn.
Mrs Arnold                Executive Headteacher
Mr Milne                    Head of School Year 5/6 Phase Leader 
Miss Haworth            Assistant Head, Year 1/2 Phase leader, SENCO
Mrs Swift                   Year 3/4 Phase Leader
Foundation 2 teaching staff
Mrs Gould           EYFS Lead
Miss Macdonald
Year 1 teaching staff
Miss Haworth
Mrs How
Mrs Austin
Year 2 teaching staff
Mrs Reese            Maths Lead
Mrs Long
Miss Rimmer
Year 3 teaching staff
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Swift
Mrs Smith
Year 4 teaching staff
Mrs Finney
Mrs Higgins-Carter
Year 5 teaching staff
Mrs Dingle
Mrs Smith
Mr Welch
Year 6 teaching staff
Mrs Goodacre
Miss Clifford
Other teaching staff
Mr Johnson
Mrs Jackson
Mrs Gawne       Maternity Leave        
Miss Farlam      Maternity Leave
Teaching Assistants
Mrs  Coull           HLTA
Mrs O'Kane        HLTA
Mrs  Simms        Pastoral Lead
Mrs Usher
Mrs Donegan
Mrs Dobson
Mrs Freiss
Mrs Graham
Mrs Evans
Mrs Beach
Miss Morris 
Mrs  Dutton
Mrs  Bridge
Miss Dand
F1/Nursery Staff
Mrs Susan Coleman  
Miss Natalie Maxwell
Mrs Anne Wilkinson
Mrs Jenny Stone
Mrs Mandy Nikomanis
Miss Katie Nikomanis
Miss Abbie Bermingham
Mrs Jill Landrum
Mrs Amanda Kelly  
Ms Joanne Mowat
Administration Staff
Mrs Hughes         Office Manager
Mrs Fisher
Mrs McArdle
Miss Lomax
Cleaning and Caretaking  Staff
Mr Brew                Caretaker
Ms Hall
Mrs Lloyd
Miss Gerrard
Midday Assistants 
Mrs Stockford
Mrs Smith
Mrs Platt 
Mrs Gay
Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Griffiths
Mrs Jackson