At Poulton Lancelyn, we believe that good behaviour is essential for effective Teaching & Learning to occur and to achieve a successful and safe environment in which children can learn and develop to their full potential. We seek to promote positive behaviour strategies coupled with a fair and firm approach to unacceptable behaviour. We strive to promote social and emotional behaviour skills which will encourage independent, resilient and responsible individuals.
Our School Rules
Be Ready
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Children are placed in one of our four school houses when they enter Foundation. Our houses are:
  • Brotherton
  • Lancelyn
  • Leverhulme
  • Mayer
Promoting Positive Behaviour at PL
Recognition Lists
Pupils will be placed on a recognition list if they demonstrate this value during the week.
House Point System
House points are awarded to individual children for demonstrating high standards in their work, effort and/or behaviour – going above and beyond what is required.
Purple Certificates
All staff will send home Purple Certificate frequently for exemplary work, behaviour or effort. 
Purple Passes
Every adult will give out Purple Passes each week when a whole class is demonstrating high standards of behaviour and setting a clear example to others.
Cup of Kindness
This award will be presented to any child who has demonstrated a particular act of kindness during the previous week.
Recognition Assembly
At the end of each half term 5 pupils will be selected from each class for their effort, behaviour and progress over the half term. Parents will be invited into these assemblies.