Below you will find information related to the different strands of English.
Starbooks Reading Scheme

Reading Widely will be guided, directed and encouraged by all staff. Each year, a child will cover texts with the four text structures in addition to further selected texts from the Year Group Reading lists (Y3-6). Reading lists have been constructed carefully based on research. Repetition of authors occurs across different year groups to encourage making comparisons between texts.  Pupils will be encouraged to read a range of books from their year group's Starbooks menu. Each menu contains a variety of books that have been specially selected to ensure that pupils are accessing a diverse range of text types. Each term, pupils will have the opportunity to earn rewards for their reading. Every time a child reads a book from the Starbooks menu, they will receive a stamp on their Starbooks loyalty card. After five stamps, pupils will receive a special treat. If by the end of term, they have managed to achieve ten stamps, they will be invited to our Starbooks 'coffee' morning.