E Safety

At Poulton Lancelyn Primary School we understand the responsibility to educate our pupils on E-Safety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the Internet and related technologies, in and beyond the context of the classroom.


E-Safety in the Curriculum

  • Poulton Lancelyn has a framework for teaching Internet skills in E-Safety / ICT and PHSE lessons. We provide opportunities within a range of curriculum areas but particularly in ICT / E-Safety.
  • Educating our pupils on the dangers of technologies that maybe encountered outside school is done informally when opportunities arise and as part of the E-Safety curriculum.
  • Our pupils are taught about relevant legislation when using the Internet, such as data protection and intellectual property which may limit what they want to do but also serves to protect them. They are taught about copyright and respecting other people’s information, images, etc. through discussion, modelling and activities.
  • Our pupils are taught about the impact of online bullying and know how to seek help if they are affected by these issues. Pupils are also aware of where to seek advice or help if they experience problems when using the Internet and related technologies, i.e. parent/carer, teacher/trusted staff member, or an organisation such as Childline/CEOP report abuse button.
  • Our pupils are taught to critically evaluate materials and learn good searching skills through cross curricular teacher models, discussions and via the ICT curriculum.