Assessment Data

Here you can find our performance tables and KS2 results.
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government took the decision to cancel the Key Stage 2 SATs and Teacher Assessments in 2020 and 2021. The outcomes of SATS and assessments in 2022 are for internal purposes only and so no data will be published in 2022.
2023 Provisional data
The DfE will release published Key Stage Two data in December 2023. However, we extremely proud of the children and their efforts so we have published our 2023 provisional data below.
                      % Achieving Expected Standard         % Achieving Higher Standard
Reading                            88                                                       48
Writing                              86                                                       24
Maths                               95                                                        47
Grammar                          95                                                        60
RWM combined                83                                                        19
Reading                       +2.7
Writing                         +2.4
Maths                          +3.5