Pastoral Support

In order to support pupil well-being in our school we have a Pastoral Teaching Assistant, Mrs Simms, who is a qualified Mental Health First Aider.
Mrs Simms 'triages' any concerns regarding pupil welfare across the school. She has attended CAMHS training sessions and accesses the CAMHS advice and duty line which is able to recommend support materials for her to use with pupils. Areas of support can include anxiety, bereavement, family illness, parental separation and pupils living with parental mental health concerns.
Session activities and duration are tailored according to need. Mrs Simms works in partnership with children and their parents.
Please contact the school office to arrange to meet the class teacher and Mrs Simms if you have any concerns that you would like to discuss.
Camhs Website - - helping children with anxiety
The Health and Well Being Hub leaflet from the 0-19 team leaflet attached can offer you a network of support for healthy eating, weight management, sleep behaviour, bed wetting, behavioural concerns, emotional well being, confidence/self esteem and lifestyle advice.
The hub can be accessed directly by parents.