February 2020

1st February 2020

Break the Rules Day
The pesky PTA decided that our children are too well behaved and decided that they would allow the children to break certain school rules for the day in return for a donation. We had children turn up in their own clothes and with coloured hair. Others brought a teddy into school and some brought juice in their water bottle. Even though they were breaking rules, the children still behaved perfectly and were fully engaged in their lessons. For more information about PTA events, see the PTA section under the Parent Information tab or contact the school if you would like to join the PTA.
Learning about our Past
We have now been completing our History unit for 6 weeks and the children have been really enjoying learning about children from the past. Year Four had a wonderful time at Tatton Park learning about Anglo-Saxon life, whilst Foundation visited Liverpool Museum to investigate the toys that children from the past used to play with. The other year groups all have trips planned for Spring 2. Look at the calendar for dates of these activities.
Thumbs up to Thumbs Up!
Year had a wonderful time this half term with the ladies from Thumbs Up, an educational company based in Wirral, who teach pupils about positive mental health and well-being. Activities included developing mindfulness, reducing anxiety and who to talk to for support. By the looks of the photographs (see below), the pupils had a fantastic time. Thumbs Up will be supporting other year groups throughout the year. 
Year Two Residential
Today, Year Two participated in the first ever team work and resilience day at Barnstondale. What a brilliant experience it was! For photographs of pupils enjoying their activities, please visit the Residential page of the Enrichment section and the Gallery section