Poulton Lancelyn Residentials
Part of our CARE values at school are to explore new interests and raise aspirations, and a key element that contributes to this is learning outside of the classroom. Learning outside the classroom can help teachers create enthusiasm for learning, provide a real-world context and expose students to a range of STEM careers. Students who experience learning outside the classroom benefit from increased self-esteem and become more engaged in their education
This year, we have expanded our outdoor learning provision by implementing our Forest School programme and introducing our Year Two Barnstondale experience to add to the Year Six residential that occurs annually each summer. 
Year 4 
May 2022
Year 4 had a fantastic one night residential at Kingswood Colomendy.  During their visit, they explored low rope challenges, braved a giant zip wire, built and rode a land buggy and enjoyed an evening by the campfire learning fun songs and toasting marshmallows. They learnt how to problem solve, be more resilient and enhance their team work skills as well as spending time bonding and making memories with others in their year group. Also, they loved staying in modernised World War Two cabins and spending some time in the tuck shop too. 
Year 2
February 2022
It was a chilly but dry and sunny day at Barnstondale for Year 2 this year. In the morning, the brilliant instructors taught the children how to build a fire; they created the sparks to start the fires themselves using ferro rods! They also learned to build a shelter. The children showed fantastic teamwork skills in the afternoon when completing their missions. They had to locate their equipment hidden in the woods, then find their team's 'android' which they carried through the woods on stretchers they had made to their base where they made a fire and a den. Lastly, they had to take their android through an obstacle course! The children all demonstrated impeccable behaviour and it was wonderful to see how involved they got in the activities and how much they were enjoying themselves. 
Year 6 Barnstondale
July 2021
Year 6 had a fantastic survival day at Barnstondale Outdoor Centre. The morning centred around developing key survival skills: how to make a fire and how to build a simple shelter in a suitable place. The pupils learnt how to create stick pyramids, how to use a flint and steel and how to tie knots.
During the afternoon, the groups then competed against each other to navigate to an injured alien, build a shelter for it and light a fire, whilst trying to avoid being seen by other groups. It was a brilliant day and the children. Bear Grylls would be very proud!