October 2021

1st October 2021

Tatton Park - Year 4
Year 4 travelled to Tatton Park today to experience what life was like as a viking. They learnt to battle with shields, track deers, make clothes from animal skins and horns, weave threads, build walls (using wattle and daub) and farm wheat. What a brilliant experience!
Junior Playground 
It has been an extremely exciting week as we have watched the new junior playground being constructed! Our brand new climbing frame and ball shoot will help to keep our children active during break times. Unfortunately, the children may have to wait a few weeks to have a turn because the teachers are very excited to have a climb first! We look forward to adding more interesting equipment to the playground as the year progresses.
Hello Yellow Day
Today we supported the children's mental health charity Young Minds by dressing in yellow. We are passionate about supporting children to maintain a positive mental attitude, which has been particularly challenging through the pandemic. Days like these are extremely important to maintain awareness about speaking to someone if a pupil has an issue or concern. The children loved dressing in yellow!
Year 2 Phonics Workshop
It was our final phonics workshop today and this time Year 2 parents were invited into school to learn about thte strategies we use to teach reading and writing. Thank you to all of the parents that attended. We look forward to holding further workshops about a range of different toppics later in the year.
Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds
Today we held our Bike-it, Walk-it, Scoot-it Breakfast, although pupils could have also swam to school! It was great to see so many children coming to school in an active and healthy way. The fruit and pancakes were gobbled up quickly as the children arrived at school. Hopefully our next event will be a bit sunnier!