October 2020

1st October 2020

Harvest Festival 
On Friday, we asked for donations for our Harvest Festival and, as always, you kindly donated a wide variety of items to support those less fortunate than ourselves. To celebrate this Harvest Festival, Year 3 have created a year group video, which is displayed on their page under the Curriculum Tab. Mrs Higgins-Carter and the Rights Crew will now ensure that this food will be collected by Wirral Food Bank.
Break the Rules Day
Our cheeky PTA encouraged the children to break school rules on Friday! We had children with colourful hair, others had juice in their water bottles and some even wore their own clothes! Luckily, the children maintained their excellent behaviour during the day and continued to learn all about the past in our current history topic.
This day was organised to raise funds for our school and we would like to thank our PTA for creating days such as this as the funding enhances teaching, learning and overall enjoyment levels at school.
Let's hope the PTA don't break some rules and spend the money on a holiday for themselves!
For more information about our PTA and their events, please visit their page under the Information for Parents tab.
Hello Yellow Day
Pupils were able to dress in yellow on Friday to support the charity Young Minds, who help young people to develop their mental health and well being. It was lovely to see so many children supporting this cause and demonstrating their understanding of how to maintain positive mental health. If you would like to donate to Young Minds, please follow the link below. Some images of the day are at the bottom on the news feed.
Black History Month
Although black history is embedded throughout the whole of our curriculum, it is formally recognised in October. To celebrate the achievements of black people throughout history, we have added further texts to our libraries. These books are labelled with our rainbow 'diversity' stickers and children are free to take them home to read.