March 2022

1st March 2022

Y3 Romans Trip
Something very strange happened to Year 3 today...they became mighty Roman soldiers! After travelling to Chester, they were quickly equipped with shields and swords and they began marching around the historic city - rather loudly! It was another brilliant trip which enriched the children's historical knowledge as they were able to enquire about real artefacts in the Grosvenor Museum. Let's hope they don't hold their own gladiator battles on the playground!
Y4 Greek Day
Year 4 travelled back in time to become Ancient Greeks. Wearing their Greek togas, they tasted food, competed in Olympic games and learned about different Greek gods. It was a lovely way to enrich their historical unit of work.
Comic Relief
Once again, we helped those less fortunate than ourselves by supporting Comic Relief. The pupils dressed up in red and cheered as Mrs Arnold and Mrs Swift beat Mr Milne and Miss Haworth in the Guess the Action quiz. The children then participated in Poulton's Got Talent during the afternoon. It was great to see what skills the children had. Thankyou for supporting our charity work by donating money to this worthy cause.
Years 3 and 4 were treated to a lovely afternoon at the Royal Philharmonic in Liverpool. The children listened to the beautiful orchestra and joined in with the songs that they had learned in their music lessons. It was a wonderful afternoon and we would like to thank Oak Trees MAT for paying for this trip.
Year 4 Maths Workshop
It was lovely to be able to invite parents into school to participate in the maths workshop today. This sesion allowed parents to understand the strategies and methods taught by the Year 4 teachers so that the children are successful with thier maths. The parents then played fiun games with the children, who to demonstrated their mathematical skills. All year groups will enjoy these session in the commnig weeks.
Share a Bear
As part of the Year 1 environment unit during Environment Week in February, Mrs Higgins-Carter helped us to link up with Share a Bear charity. The children were able to donate teddy bears to other children less fortunate than themselves, including children who have had to leave Ukraine. We collected lots of bears, who will now go to new homes. Thankyou for supporting this new chairty initiative.
World Book Day
We love reading at Poulton Lancelyn so World Book day is always celebrated with enthusiasm in school. Today children completed lots of fun book-related activities. Pupils wre also able to bring in a clue for their favourite book to see if their friends could guess what is was. Some of the clues were very hard! Hopefully, World Book Day will help to further increase pupils motivation to read for pleasure.