January 2022

1st January 2022

Year 1 Chinese New Year
Year 1 had some very special visitors in school today - Chinese dragons! This fascinating experience helped to enrich the pupils understanding of Chinese New Year in their Religious Education unit. The children loved dancing as part of the dragon. Please look at our Twitter page to see photos and videos of the event.
Y2 Holy Trinity Trip
Year 2 took the short walk to Holy Trinity Church as part of their Religious Education unit about Christianity. They examined the interior of the church and the items that are special to Christians. It is wonderful to be able to visit special places like this in our locality.
Something we are very proud of at Poulton Lancelyn is the variety of clubs that we are able to offer to our pupils. During these winter months, we give our field a rest but we are still able to offer extensive club provision. Pupils from F2 all the way to Year 6 have choices that include Athletics Club, Games Club and Calligraphy Club to name just a few. We hope everyone enjoys them.  
Unilever Challenge
Year 4 listened intently to Unilever representatives today as they opened the Unilever Graze Box Challenge. The children have been challenged to design a Graze Box specifically for children. After designing and presenting their ideas, the winning group from each MAT school will present their designs in the Unilever board room. Let the competition begin!