January 2020

3rd January 2020

Claire House Cake Sale
Our brilliant Year Two pupils put on a Cake Sale this week to raise money for Claire House. They organised the event wonderfully, including creating posters to advertise the sale. They managed to raise £170, which is fantastic! This event contributes towards pupils participating in Civic Award as their 'Service to Others'. Claire House will really appreciate this money. Once again, we must thank our families for both donating the cakes, and purchasing them.
Hidden Wirral 
This week, we were lucky enough to be visited by Tony from Hidden Wirral. He talked to every year group about the history of Wirral and focused on the topics we were studying. We all learned a great deal and behaved superbly. Thanks Tony!
Going Green
Thank you to all our families and staff who donated money and wore green to help raise money for the Australia bush fires and all the poor animals who’ve lost their homes. An amazing total of £605.81 is going to @WWF_Australia to help the injured animals and all the conservation work to rebuild their homes...what an incredible total. Your continued support is very much appreciated.
Forest School
We our proud to announce that our school now teaches Forest Schools, an outdoor education programme of study, Each week, Miss Sinnott will take a selection of pupils around our wonderful outdoor facilities to learn about nature and the world around us. For more information about this scheme, please look at our Enrichment section on our website, where you will also find photographs of the children learning.  
Movie Night
On Monday and Tuesday, our brilliant PTA put on two movie nights for our pupils. The pupils watched The Lion King, whilst having a hot dog and and doughnut. The pupils loved the evening entertainment and particularly enjoyed listening to the teachers singing along!   
Civic Award
Today, our Year 5 and 6 Civic Award pupils learned First Aid, taught by St John's Ambulance. The children thoroughly enjoyed their two hour session and now have a new set of skills that could one day be used in a real life situation. 
Spring Term 
We have now completed our Enviroment topic at school and what a brilliant topic it was! The pupils learned so much about how our actions as humans can significantly impact our environment and hopefully the lessons taught during this unit will positively influence their actions as they grow. Evidence of the impact of this topic can be found in the Impact section of the Curriculum tab.
Next, the pupils will learn about history and what the world used to be like in different periods of time. We will have a particular focus on whether children in the past had rights like we have today or whether their lives were much more challenging.