Dear parents and pupils,
We are extremely upset that we are not able to do what we love most in life - teach our wonderful pupils on a daily basis. We truly hope that our school opens again before the academic year is over but this will be decided by the government. However, as a staff we are determined to support our families by continuing to provide education through our website and our Twitter page.
We hope you find our website useful. We will be updating it regularly to ensure that we have activities to keep our children's bodies and minds healthy and active. You should have already picked up a CGP book pack from school. For the children in school on Friday, the pupils will have taken these home. For any children that did not attend, you were able to collect these from the school. Anyone who wasn't able to collect these books can contact the school office and collect them during the week as all of the packs have been labelled for each individual.
We are currently in the process of creating a 'help me' email address so that pupils can contact the teachers for any support they need when answering questions but please remember that these books will not be marked by teachers when the pupils return to school.
On this page, you will find a range of resources that are appropriate for all of the children in our school. We already know how active our parents are; through word of mouth and social media you are already finding resources that will support your children during this time. If you come across anything that you find beneficial, please contact the school office so that we can add it to our own social media.
Here is an example timetable that Mrs Austin produced with Year Three this week. It may be productive to produce a similar structure for your children at home to develop a balance between education and relaxation.