February 2023

1st February 2023

In order to encourage our pupils to read widely, Starbooks was introduced several years ago as a method of encouraging children to select varying books. When children have read 5 or 10 books, they are rewarded with a treat. Today was the first Starbooks Cafe of the year, for any children who had read 10 books. They received a hot chocolate and biscuits. We look forward to seeing more pupils at the cafe next term.
F2 Visitors
Feb 23
F2 have continued to have visitors attend school to teach them about important jobs in our community. This week, we had a fire engine and police horses. What lovely treats and a fab way to learn.
Feb 23
In the current financial climate, many families are struggling to afford food to feed their children. Even though we live in an area that may be considered as affluent, we do not know who is struggling as mortgage repayments increase and the cost of living rises. Because of this we have signed up to several charities and recieve food in school. Today we put some of this food out for families to help themselves to. If you are in need of suppport, please do not feel embarrassed by this. Instead, phone the school office and we will do what we can to suppport you and your children. 
Break the Rules
Once again the cheeky children broke school rules to raise money for school. There was painted hair, own clothes and teddy bears in school. It's a good job we have a week off to recover now!
Y6 Slavery Trip
Year 6 travelled to Liverpool to look at the artefacts in the Slavery Museum. They learned about the torture that the slaves faced and about the ancestory of enslaved people. This will really support their understanding of human rights, which is their history unit for Spring.
Film Nights
6 and 7.2.23
Hundreds of children enjoyed attending the PTA film nights. As well as raising important funds for school, pupils were able to enjoy a film and socialising with their friends.
Y2 Barnstondale
Year 2 enjoyed a brilliant start to February by going on their challenge day at Barnstondale. They enjoyed climbing, shelter building, abseiling and archery. It was a very special day completing activities that they were unable to complete in school. Further information and photos can be found on the Enrichment tab of the website.