February 2022

1st February 2022

Break The Rules
Once again we must thank our brilliant PTA for organising another Break the Rules day for the children. Pupils arrived with cuddly toys, silly hair and in their own clohtes! Luckily, our children are so sensible that their behaviour remained outstanding. 
Mental Health 
To promote positive mental health, the pupils created mental health sun flowers. The leaves highlighted activities that we already complete to improve our mental health. The sunflower petals described further actions that would could complete to help grow our positive mental health further. At Poulton Lancelyn, we aim to support all of our pupils in developing our mental health.
STEM Fortnight
Over the past two weeks, Oak Trees MAT has had a focus on STEM, and in particular, women in Science. All of the children completed fact files about important female scientists before completing their own year group stem activities. It was great to learn about diversity in science.
On Friday, 5 lucky Year 4 pupils travelled over to Great Meols with Mrs Hamilton to help create the Oak Trees MAT song! Working with children from the other 5 schools, the pupils have created our own song that will be sung during a performance in the summer term. The other pupils back at school helped design logos for the T-shirt that the children will wear during the performance. Thank you to Amasing for helping create our very own song. We all look forward to learning it and singing it.
Year 6 Liverpool Trip
Year 6 enjoyed a day out to Liverpool today! There were two reasons for the visit. First of all, they were looking at the iconic buildings around Liverpool as these will feature heavily in the narrative that they will write in the next couple of weeks. Their story will focus on two old age pensioners who escape fron their residential home and visit the famous builings around the city. The second reason was to visit the Slavery Museum. As their current history unit is about civil rights, it was very insightful to learn about the injustice that black people have endured through slavery and inequality. It was a brilliant trip and the children learnt a lot. The highlight of the trip was watching a seagull steal Mrs Bridge's bacon sandwich!
Film Night
Once again, our brilliant PTA ran films nights for the children to watch a film with their friends. The film this time was Sherlock Gnomes and the children enjoyed it whilst eating doughnuts and hot dogs. What a great event!
Environment Week
Oak Trees Multi Academy Trust wants all of its pupils to grow up uderstanding the importance of maintaining our environment. By working together, we can make a big difference in sustaining our planet. To support this, all of the pupils participated in an environment themed week.
F2 focused on the importance of plants; the pupils have planted some new flowers in the F2 area.
Year 1 highlighted the importance of recycling. Mrs Higgins-Carter is currently discussing a charity event to enable us to recycle our old items. 
In Year 2, the emphasis was on air pollution. The pupils have created posters to promote our walking bus, which will take place WB 14th February. We also held a Bike It Breakfast to encourage active travel school. The children loved their pancakes!
In Lower Key Stage Two, Year 3 promoted our Big Switch Off. Families were encouraged to reduce their electricity use on Friday evening to help reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.
Water was the focus in Year 4 as they learned how to reduce water waste. They went to check on the school water butt to see how full it was. Year 4 were also very fortunate to attend virtual MAT art session, led by Mrs Kemp from Egremont. It was birch tree themed due to the importance of trees in our world.
Students from Liverpool John Moores University taught Year 5 for the week. They explained what Fair Trade was and how it has a positive impact on the lives of many farmers. However, they also examined how global warming is affecting their lives. Year 6 looked at food waste in the UK. After learning about fruit that is often destroyed simply because of its appearance, they made wonky fruit kebabs.
Finally, the week was concluded with a local litter pick. It was brilliant to see so many families brave the cold, wet weather to pick up litter in and around the school grounds. 12 bags of rubbish were collected. It was great to see how the impact of our learning has empowered the children to become active citizens.
Year 2 Barnstondale Trip
Year 2 had a fantastic day at Barnstondale Adventure Centre on Wednesday. They explored the woods and learned how to survive! They build shelters, fires and saved some injured android aliens that had crash landed on Earth. By working together in teams and using maps, they were able to rescue them. 
Photographs of this brilliant trip will be added to the Enrichment, Residential section of our website shortly.