Civic Award

We are proud to participate in Wirral Civic Award, which provides 5 key areas for children and young people to be involved in a range of challenging activities.

The award aims to promote:

  • good citizenship
  • self-reliance
  • service to others
  • personal achievement in physical activities
  • wise use of leisure time

Being involved with the scheme heightens awareness of participants' own value within their family and community and their ability to contribute to their own well-being.

Over the past 37 years, the scheme has provided thousands of Wirral children and young people with the opportunity to participate in fun and challenging activities and also attend a ceremony at the town hall.

All successful candidates are presented with the Civic Award by the Mayor of Wirral. If your child is interested in participating in Civic Award, please contact the school office. 

Below are examples of the types of activities that represent the different levels of Wirral Civic Award and an example of a completed page.