April 2022

1st April 2022

F2 go to Space!
Today, F2 blasted off to space! They had a wonderful time entering the planetarium in order to look at the different stars and planets in our sky. It was amazing as the stars moved around above us. Luckily, the children landed back on Earth in time to go home!
Maths Workshops
We continue to invite parents in to school to create stronger home-school partnerships. it was the turn of the Year 1 parents to be invited today to participate in a maths workshop with their children. it looked like every one had a great time playing maths games.
Unilever Finals
Each school in the MAT attended the Unilever Snack Box Challenge final presentation at Church Drive today. It was brilliant to see all of the designs that the different schools had produced and how they had marketed their snacks towards a specific audience. All of the groups produced lovely work but it was the Poulton Lancelyn group who won the competition! We look forward to participating in further tasks in the future.
Forest School
Mr Johnson began another term of Forest School today. The children loved their outdoor learning and began by producing nautral artwork. What will they create next?
To celebrate Easter, the children were able to participate in our annual Easter Bonnet parade (Ks1) and egg decorating (Ks2). There were brilliant entries in both competitions and all of the children enjoyed looking at the hats and eggs. Photos of some of the entries can be found below.
We are very proud of our sporting pedigree at Poulton Lancelyn and we know that many of our children are very proud when they get the opportunity to represent school at a sporting event. As the weather improves, the quantity of competitions we enter increses. In the past two weeks, there have been 6 competitions and there will be many more ain the Summer. For reviews of these events, please visits our Enrichment - Competitions Tab. 
Reading for pleasure is extremely improtant in developing a love for books and for developing vocabulary understanding. At Poulton, pupils participate in the Starbooks reading scheme, which involves reading books from the scheme and collecting stamps. Those children who have read 5 or 10 books get a special treat. Today, Miss Farlam and Mrs Bridge celebrated reading with the children by providing them wigth their treats. They were very nice!
Road Safety
We all have the right to be safe; children at Poulton Lancelyn take their rights very seriously. In the past few months, we have had several messages of concern regarding parking around school. We want to empower our pupils to improve our community and so today our Road Safety Team took to the pavements to encourage safer parking. Hopefully their presence will encourage drivers to think catrefully about their speed and parking.