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In Ofsted's new inspection framework (released September 2019), the big shift in focus is away from inspectors judging the quality of teaching and learning by observing lessons and towards judging the quality of education a school provides by examining the curriculum a school has in place and how effective it is in securing knowledge. Ofsted has divided this examination into three areas: intentimplementation and impact.

The intent of the curriculum  is the content we want children to learn and the sequence in which they encounter the curriculum. Here at Poulton Lancelyn, we are currently developing a curriculum that is coherent and progressive, engaging and challenging. The intent of our curriculum allows pupils to learn about how the past influences our lives now and how our current actions will affect our future world, enabling our pupils to compare their lives to others by examining current events and topical issues both on our own doorstep and further afield.

Below you will find the long term curriculum intent for each year group as well as Summer Term overviews for the curriculum-related subjects and for the discrete subjects that are not linked to our creative curriculum. For previous overviews, please visit the individual year group pages.