Home Learning

At Poulton Lancelyn Primary School, we believe in the importance of promoting independence and developing the skills necessary for our children to become lifelong learners. We also recognise that a strong partnership with parents is essential in enhancing children’s education.

We share information with parents about how they can support their children at home in a variety of ways as we believe success for our children is achieved through strong partnership between our children, parents and staff where we all have high expectations of our children to maximise their learning.

Every half term a Learning Letter is available on the website to outline the learning which is to take place in a topic. There are suggestions here for activities to support children at home.

We provide parents with a ‘Curriculum Booklet’ which explains in detail what we aim for every child to achieve by the end of each year in Maths and English.

Home learning is given each week following our Home Learning Policy a copy of which is available in the policies section.

Another way we promote the independence of our children as learners is by providing the children with challenge activities in the learning letters and Years 1 to 6 also have a question to encourage the children to complete research self-directed tasks which they can complete in the back of their home learning books.

We also invite parents into school to take part in Learning Workshops which are led by Poulton Lancelyn staff. At these events, parents find out more about how subjects are taught in school and ideas to try at home.

Should you have any questions regarding home learning, please speak to your child’s teacher.