Year F2 class information

 Welcome to F2


Teaching staff – Miss Haworth (Assistant Head Teacher) and Mrs Hughes

Staff covering Management release time – Mrs Mainwaring

Staff covering PPA release time – Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Mainwaring

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Dobson, Mrs Barlow, Miss Eason


In F2 we play, learn and grow together to develop all our children into independent learners who are willing to have ago. Every day is different and we strive to make each day an exciting place to learn and achieve through the indoor and outdoor provision areas which reflect the seven areas of the EYFS Curriculum:-

·         Personal social and emotional

·         Communication and language

·         Physical development

·         Literacy inc daily Phonics, Reading and Writing

·         Mathematics

·         Understanding the world

·         Expressive Arts and design

Throughout the year we will be doing lots of exciting work through our creative EYFS curriculum.