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At Poulton Lancelyn, we highly value physical education, as it is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is fundamental to correct growth and development for children.  Accessing at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily is vital for children’s development as that will improve concentration, relieve stress and develop physical health for all of our children.  Through our PE sessions at Poulton Lancelyn, our children are also able to develop their social interaction with others through team games and exercises.  They learn to collaborate, engage and work alongside others.  Through our PE curriculum, we want our children to develop a love for sport and exercise.  We believe our children should demonstrate positive values such as honesty, determination, respect and self-belief and these are developed through competition in our PE curriculum.

We aim to develop our pupils’ cultural capital by broadening their experiences with a varied, balanced range of sports in PE sessions as well as attending competitions out of school.  Through our PE sessions, extra-curricular clubs and competitions, we promote the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of others as our PE curriculum is inclusive and adapted to the needs of different learners.  We believe that it is important that all children are able to take part in physical activity.  We look to a broad, diverse range of professional sportspeople for inspiration in our PE curriculum.