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Eco School

At Poulton Lancelyn, school staff and pupils care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire to actively protect our planet. 

By becoming an Eco School we aim to empower our young people to introduce and lead environmental actions and education in our school.

As a school, we worked through the seven Eco Schools Framework steps and successfully achieved our Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation in 2022. The Eco-Schools Green Flag is international and recognised by organisations such as UNESCO. It is a symbol of a school’s commitment to environmental education. 

The Eco Warriors

Our rules:

Every Resource Counts: This rule emphasises the importance of efficiently using and conserving Earth's finite resources. It encourages reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling to minimise the environmental impact.

Care for Our Ecosystems: This rule highlights the need to protect and preserve natural ecosystems. It involves respecting biodiversity, preventing habitat destruction, and minimising pollution to maintain a healthy planet.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Practices: This rule promotes the adoption of eco-friendly or sustainable practices in daily life. It encourages choices that reduce carbon emissions, lower energy consumption, and prioritise renewable and environmentally friendly alternatives.